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    • Blood Donation
    • Summary:

      On February 25, 2016 in the nursery management office held the unpaid blood donation activity, this activity from the village committee, and enthusiasts from all walks of life to participate in enterprise unitsDetails>>

    • Commencement of business prosperity
    • Summary:

      On February 15, 2016 (8), KaiYang group company starts, treasures will be plentiful, future, future. A New Year again. Work together with efforts, striding forward to march. The New Year we opened a new chapter, better together for a year, wish we create brilliant in 2016Details>>

    • In the new normal To meet new challenges
    • Summary:

      KaiYang group 2015 annual year-end summary meeting and 2015 winter jasmine on the afternoon of February 3, 2016, the party KaiYang group company in pingzhou east house garden seafood restaurant held to "into the new normal, meet the new challenge" as the theme of the 2015 annual year-end summary meeting and 2016 winter...Details>>

    • Carry forward the "learn from leifeng spirit, build love rainbow"
    • Summary:

      On March 5, 2016 held in Huang Qi culture square carry forward the spirit of "learning from lei feng", jointly build love public welfare activities of the rainbow.Details>>

    • "2015 top ten home medical equipment marketing cases"
    • Summary:

      By the home medical equipment portal & ndash; & ndash; Find equipment net, in kang close union national expert database selected 100 national household medical equipment experts certificate of senior expert committee, after a month of hard work, to collect and report the country hundreds of marketing events for the 201...Details>>

    • 2015 annual work summary and guidelines released 2016 annual management meeting
    • Summary:

      On January 25, 2016, KaiYang medical technology group co., LTD. "2015 annual work summary and guidelines released 2016 annual management meeting, multi-functional conference room inside the KaiYang factory. The meeting shall be presided over by production factory director Mr Li xh, summary for 2015 to develop a new pol...Details>>

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