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  • Product Name: Alternating Pressure Pad
  • Product ID: KY62012
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KY62012 Alternating Pad for Bedsore Prevention



This alternating pad is designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores/bedsores at stage I in short-term therapy. It is proven to help patients who have to lie on beds for long term therapy, the paraplegic patients or the elderly. In a pressure pump and pad system, an air passage mechanism is arranged inside the pressure pump to drive two groups of air circuits at a certain frequency. The pad composed of two separated air bags are respectively connected with these two circuits to make the pad fluctuate cyclicly by regular and alternating air supply. This enables muscles to often change the pressured positions for enhanced blood circulation and protect veins and arteries from abnormal oxygen and nutrient exchanges under exceeding pressure so that the skin remains dry and bedsores are effectively prevented. The pad lowers temperature and dry the skin to repress the generation of bacteria and effectively prevent bedsores. The pad and pump system is applied in medical beds, residential beds or used separately. 



*Safe, healthy medical PVC mattress pad for hospital beds
*Safe plastic pressure pumpwith an adjusting knob
*Low noise, continuous performance stability in operation
*Pad in multi-point massage design(130 7cm-high bubble balls) 
*Spare parts: rubber tube and free repairing kit
*Noise: <45dB(very quiet)
*Pad with tiny holes to keep the skin dry and prevent bedsores


*Size: 200*90*7cm
*Maximal weight support: 135kg
*G.W.: 17.3kg 
*Extension length: 50cm+cm(Head&Foot Sides)
*Material Thickness: 0.35mm
*Cold-Resistant Degrees: -30ºC
*Test Duration: 24 hours once inflated
*Forming Model:One-time Forming(8s)
*Warranty:12 months


Parameters of Pump(Optional)
*Voltage:110V/220V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
*Air Output:7-8L/Min
*Size: 25.5*13.5*10cm
*Plastic Casing: Chimei(Taiwan) ABS plastics
*Test Duration: 24 Hours
*Synchronous Motors:TW Ann Yih Brand
*Alternating Form: 1-in-2
*Warranty: 24months



*For effective bedsore prevention, put a piece of clean cotton bedsheet on the alternating pad.

*For bacteria and mite elimination, use a piece of soft cloth with disinfectant or the mixed vinegar and water(1:3) to clean the pad.

*When the pad is fully air filled, keep the pump power on.

*Pump the mattress pad for 12 minutes in everytime use.