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  • Product Name: Orthopedics Traction Bed(Economical)
  • Product ID: KYG403S-52
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KYG403S-52  Economical Orthopedic Traction Bed with Multiple Functions
This economical orthopedic traction bed is designed for patients with leg fracture, orthopedic dislocation, muscle spasms, body tension, comminuted fracture, bedsore and skin injuries,femur injuries, shoulder deformation, malformation and other diseases.It enables patients to increase physical mobility,relieve muscle spasms and tension, and get over from quicker therapy by traction of the head, the waist and the legs. With multiple functions and very friendly costs, it has been widely applied in orthopedic and tramatological departments,private clinics, nursing homes and other medical institutions.
Advantageous Configuration:
*Economical, high strength steel construction(maximum support weight:150kg)
*Aluminum over-bed frame for tractions 
*Adjustable ergonomic trapeze and swivel handles
*Double cranks for height adjustment of back and leg boards
*Leg board adjustable in 2 pieces for single leg traction
*Permeable, comfortable bed boards for bedsore prevention by advanced welding and punching
*Two-way protective screw rod system under bed
*Durable central-controlled castor and brake system
*Durable, safe, green ABS plastic bedside boards
*Shock preventive wheels arranged in bedside boards(with adjustable frame for leg traction)
*Flexible, maintenance-esay aluminum guardrails
*Mattress, foodtable, stainless steel over-bed frame and guardrails optional
*Size(w/o over-bed frame): 2230*1000*700mm
*Package Size: 2350*1020*560mm
*Weight: 140kg