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  • Product Name: Electric&Manual Medical Bed(Three Functions)
  • Product ID: KY304DS-53
  • Views : 862

KY 304DS-53 Electric&Manual Medical Bed with Three Functions
This medical bed is designed for electric and manual purposes with 3 functions of elevation: users' backs/legs/whole bed. Carers and nurses can use the controller connected with power or the adjusting cranks in operation. The overall ergonomic design provides users greater comfort and safety,and  enhances effiency for nurses and carers in operation and care services.Using toxic-free green techniques, it is very cost friendly and has been widely applied in hospitals, private clinics and other medical institutions in the world.
Advantageous Configuration
* Upgraded medical motor system with 3 advanced motors, 1 control box and 1 controller with superb stability
* Equipped with back-up power(UPS) and stainless steel rocker/crank for manual operation 
* Permeable, smooth bed surface with holes for bedsore prevention and comfort(by advanced piercing)
* Durable, noiseless, economical polyurethane castors with impact resistant and rust-proof capabilities(castor surface with durable TPR materials)
* Low-position stability support system arranged under the bed, providing maximized support to different users(mamimum 150kg)
* Adjustable, durable plastic guardrails enabling users to move to the medical bed easily and comfortably(aluminum guardrails optional)
* Economical, deformation resistant P.P.bedside boards(ABS engineering plastic bedside boards are optional)
* Carer friendly urine hooks and stainless steel drip stand
* Quick fold-down system(for CPR), nurse control system(ACP),mattress and foodtables optional by customatization
* User's height limit: ≦192cm
* User's weight limits: ≦240kg
* Size: 2200*1000*460mm
* Package Size: 2280*1000*400mm 
* Weight: 130kg