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  • Product Name: Steel Wheelchair
  • Product ID: KY956XQ-48
  • Views : 409

KY956XQ-46: Heavy Duty Steel Wheelchair





*High strength, heavy duty, stainless steel wheelchair for users(weight up to 125kg)

*Aging-resistant steel frame with fast color

*Ergonomic design based on the psysiological curvature of human waists providing users maximized comfort

*Flip-up PU inclined armrests with detachable footrests saving package size and providing users maximized comfort

*Drum brakes optional

*Foldable wheelchair for easy transporting and carrying in less space

*Durable flame retardant nylon cushions and backrest

*Durable, shock absorptive, maintenance-free 17.5*4.5 PU front wheels

*Durable, shock absorptive, maintenance-free 24''PU rear wheels with quick release function


Model and Size

KY956XQ 67 32 48(42/45/51) 24''(PU) 17.5*4.5(PU) 52 96 106 42 41 125 81*28*97 20