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  • Product Name: Alternating Pressure Pump&Pad(Bedsore Prevention)
  • Product ID: KY-H2
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This alternating pressure pump and pad are designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores/bedsores at stage I in short-term therapy. An air passage mechanism is arranged inside the pressure pump to drive two groups of air circuits at a certain frequency. The pad composed of two separated air bags are respectively connected with these two circuits to make the pad fluctuate cyclicly by regular and alternating air supply. This enables muscles of users to often chanage the pressured positions for enhanced blood circulation and protect veins and arteries from abnormal oxygen and nutrient exchanges under exceeding pressure so that bedsores are effectively prevented. The pad lowers temperature and dry the skin to repress the generation of bacteria and effectively prevent bedsores. The pad and pump system is applied in medical beds, residential beds or separatedly.