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  • Product Name: Sports Wheelchair(Basketball)
  • Product ID: KY775L-36
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KY775L-36: Sports Wheelchair(Basketball)



*Frame: Special aluminum materials(used in Titanium aircraft wings) adopted as the raw materials of the frame ensure high strength and light structure. The well-welded frame is beautiful, stainless and aging-resistant after bright green nano powder coating.

*Backrest: Backrest is designed fully according to the psysiological curvature of human waists to provide the greatest support for human bodies.

*Seat Cushion/Backrest: Using thickened flame retardant nylon materials after stitiching, the seat with sponge cushion and backrest are antislip and pull-resistant with smoothness, softness, comfort and beauty.

*Wheels: 3'' PVC universal front wheels with 24'' air driving wheels enable the wheelchair to move faster and easier.

*Footplates: The height of footplate support s are adjustable.

*Anti-tilting wheels: Anti-tilting wheels are specially designed to protect the wheelchair from toppling or tilting in movement.


Size&Model No.

KY775L-36 92 / 36 24''(Air) 3''(PVC) 55 80 70 37 21 100 87*80*76 14