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  • Product Name: Treadmill Training&Rehab Machine with Body Weight Support
  • Product ID: KY998
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KY998: Treadmill Training&Rehab Machine with Body Weight Support


This human-machine collaborative robot is a numeraical controlled treadmill training and rehabilitation machine. It is jointly developed by Kaiyang and CAS on the CPG theory and biological collaborative control strategy. Users include patients with hemiplegia/paralysis of lower limbs after cerebral palsy/stroke/Parkinson's disease, or for the aged/disabled/weak for physical training.

With the ergonomic weight support, users lifted can stride forward actively or under the help of the machine for limb training. The speed of treadmill is adjustable during weight support training. Real time data relating biological kinetics, biological & phychological conditions is collected  by  the monitoring programme. Using the advanced data analysis and evaluation software, all real time data provides useful information that maximize positive effects on rehabilitation of lower limbs of users.