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  • Product Name: Children's Standing Aid(Cerebral Palsy)
  • Product ID: KY990
  • Views : 1543

KY990 Standing Aid for Children with Cerebral Palsy(Best-seller)



*Ergonomic standing aid for children with cerebral palsy at 1-6 years old

*Designed for providing posture correction for users and improving physical deformities

*Structure adjustable from 0-40 degrees preventing muscle atrophy and increasing muscle strength

*High strength stainless A3 steel frame by orange powder coating

*PU cover pillow and back cushion providing users comfort

*Height-adjustable footplates and pillow according to different profiles

*Length: 61cm


*Height: 96-120cm

*Front wheel size: 5''

*Inside dimension: 67.5*50.5*68.5

*Maximum supportive weight: 75kg