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  • Product Name: Travel Wheelchair
  • Product ID: KY863LAJ-41(20〞)
  • Views : 3348

KY863LAJ-41(20'') Travel Wheelchair



*Lightest stainless outdoor travel wheelchair (not for train or air travel)
*Stainless, aging-resistant aluminum cross with fast color by matt oxidation
*Fixed PVC ergonomic armrests for users providing maximized supports
*Built in durable flame retardant antislip nylon cushion in mature-color plaids
*Folding/foldable footrests for smaller package and storage size
*Folding/foldable drop back handles for smaller package and storage size
*Durable, shock absorptive, maintenance-free 20''PU rear wheels
*Durable, flexible, maintenance-free 6''PVC front wheels
*Stainless aluminum arm links
*United brakes providing the greatest safety during travel
*Overall economical, folding design for the lower transport costs and smaller package size

 Model and Size

KY863LAJ-41(20'') 60 32 41(46) 20''(PU) 6''(PVC) 46 88 93 36 38 75 80*33*70 11